Kaija toivakka, caia’s training

paper art &

Modern Paper Art turns everyday paper as material into stunning art works.

Hi, if we haven’t met before, I’m Kaija –Artist,  Origami Instructor, Service Designer and Brain Training Coach.

I have been studying Origami & PaperArt and it’s connection to Science & Creative Design around ten years.
I’m also interested in Neurosciences and Creative Brain Training skills for years – especially from the prespective how easy and simple creative techniques can bring more effectivness to our work and support us in everyday life.

At the moment i continue my creative art and design works and study in backround Psychology and Design at Aalto open University and at Helsinki open University.

I hope we meet one day in the Modern Paper Art & Design Gallery – full with impressive art and design collection. 





 paper art & design

geometrinen taide

geometric art & design

geometric art & design


 paper art & design

taiteellinen työskentely

art & design

geometric art & small interiör design

small interiör design

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kaija Toivakka, Caia's Training

Creative Art & Training

Kaija Toivakka, caia's training


art & neuroscience concept


creative workshops & brain training techniques 

kurssit ja työpajat

workshops for youth & adults

Jyväskylä I Helsinki I Elva

aivo- ja muistitreeni

brain training

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kurssit ja työpajat lapsille

workshops for kids

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Special art & design workshops

workshops for special techniques & ideas 

Online courses & workshops

tv performance

fox tv, ennätystehdas 

origami crane challenge, 2021


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Kaija Toivakka
Tel: +358 40 84 67 489